1. Feeling or expressing happiness or satisfaction.

I’m Your Digital marketing swiss army knife

SEO, SEM and PPC, oh my!
Plus blogging, social and more. If you need it, I can handle it.

My Sweet Spot

Yes, that’s a sports analogy

My sweet spot is small and medium businesses who need quality content and marketing services but can’t afford a full-time employee. Or agencies who have too much work but aren’t quite ready to hire full time. I’m looking to form long-term relationships with good companies with good people. So, if think we might be a match, contact me!

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Contented Musings

SEO, SEM, PPC, OMG! What’s the difference?

To the average business person, digital marketing may at times seem like a mishmash of meaningless acronyms: SEO, SEM, PPC, ROI, CTR… the list goes on. There are three strategies you may hear the most about when it comes to internet marketing, SEM, SEO and PPC. You’ve...

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Case Closed: A Blog Can Bring Clients to Your Law Practice

With more than 30 movies, more than 270 episodes and more than 80 books and short stories, Perry Mason probably didn’t need a blog. It wouldn’t have hurt, but he seemed to do all right on his own, with an impressive percentage of cases won somewhere in the 99 percent...

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What Inbound Marketing and Fly-Fishing Have in Common

What’s the difference between traditional and inbound marketing? Traditional marketing is like trawling – you know, fishing by trailing a net through the water. When you trawl, you get fish, but you get a lot of other things too. Say you’re trawling for a specific...

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