MKT 113 Week 5

MKT 113 Week 5

First Name

Mixing board channels
Which of these is not a marketing channel?

Which is an example of in-store promotion?

Store interior

In which direction do many stores try to move you as you walk in the door?

Women stopping at display
What is a store “speed bump”?

Distribution warehouse
Which of these is not a distribution channel?

store signage
These are all important elements for in-store signage, except:

MKT 113 Week 3

MKT 113 Week 3

What is your first name?

Target Markets

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a target market?

Buyers Journey

Which of the following is NOT a step in the consumer buying process?

Buyer Persona


A buyer persona is...

dog food

Which of these is an opportunity for a SWOT matrix?

target market

Which of these is the best target market?